Punda Mercantile complies with all national and international standards in the course of its activities, including: UN IMO; IMDG; ISO 9000; ICC norms. The company maintains a current database on all products handled. Punda maintains Emergency Response capability with Chemtrec & Canutec.

Copies of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all products sold and distributed by Punda Mercantile Inc. are on file with Chemtrec, and can also be found at the following web site:

For all emergencies in North America relating to the transport or handling of products supplied by the Punda Mercantile or its principals, please contact:

Chemtrec Int.:  
+ 1.613.996.6666
+ 1.800.424.9300
+ 0.703.527.3887 *Call collect
+ 1.514.931.7278